Theodore's Home Care: Shares the joy of cleaning with pure and natural products

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  • 04 December , 2020
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The brand was inspired by the reason it was created: “Theodore”. It all started when Theodore’s mom, wanted to stop using commercial cleaners with harsh and nasty chemicals that aggravated Theodore’s asthma.

Every bottle of Theodore’s is a true labor of love. Made only in small batches every day to guarantee freshness, they are handcrafted with the highest quality of ingredients available. Effective formulations were created with the purest of intentions, the same way they were made years back to ease and control Theodore’s asthma.

Theodore’s Home Care is about sharing the joy of cleaning. We envision women who delight in the experience of cleaning and creating a healthy home through our products.

Theodore's products are safe for the little people in our homes and encourage families to include cleaning as a task they can do with their kids, daily! In fact, research shows that household chores instill in kids a sense of responsibility and respect.



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