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  • 06 October , 2020
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Want a fresh and natural looking makeup? It’s all about using products that enhance your face and one that matches your natural features. Put all these products together and strike that perfect balance for your everyday make up look.


Makeup primers come in different formulas: gel, cream, and liquid. Although it is not required, it is essentially the first step to a makeup routine as its main purpose is to ensure your makeup lasts longer and make your skin smooth and flawless prior make up application. How does it do that? Makeup primer basically hides and evens out the texture of your skin by filling out creases and pores—acting as a base for  your makeup.


We all have days when we have red and dark spots on our face. The trick to hiding them? Concealer. To color correct and cover those discoloration, dark circles, and blemishes, a concealer is a must have! Best to get one that matches your skin tone.


Powders are usually avoided with the fear that it could dry out your skin or give that cakey look to your makeup. But rest assured that powders are your best partner in setting your makeup. It also helps to prevent the makeup base to rub off and reduces shine especially if your skin is oily.

Eyebrow Liner

Let’s be honest, not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows. There are different kinds of eyebrow products based on what you want to achieve—may it be natural-looking, bold, bushy, or defined. Whatever the occasion, there’s an eyebrow product made for you.

Lip & Cheek Stain

A pop of color is something you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re on-the-go. The best combo to date: lip and cheek stain or tints. It’s a 2-in-1 product for the cheek and the lips. It’s a definite life saver especially when you’ve run out of lipstick or blush. Here’s an extra tip, sometimes it can be used for the eyes too.


Don’t think that wearing a mascara could make your whole makeup look appear bold or too heavy. Mascaras can make your eyes look lively. You just have to make sure that you do not apply too much so that it’s not clumpy.


Highlighters are not the newest beauty product out there but it’s still high on the trending list for a good reason. Highlighters are not just good for light reflecting effects, but it also enhances your complexion and make your skin look brighter. A subtle natural-looking glow or a dewy look is enough to ensure that you don’t go over the top.

But don’t forget the before and after basics! Make sure you have a clean face prior to makeup application and that you remove every last trace of makeup on your skin after the day. This will help prevent breakouts and the growth of harmful bacteria on your skin.



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