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  • 28 December , 2020
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AllGreen now offers a wider range of beauty brands, adding more notable international brands to its collection—perfect for women of all ages. Here are the four beauty brands to look out for at AllGreen.



Canmake Tokyo is currently Japan’s No. 1 makeup brand, offering a wide range of affordable cosmetics. Canmake grew its popularity for being cute, trendy, and inexpensive, but on top of that, their beauty products are known for its natural ingredients that are especially formulated for sensitive Asian skin, thus making it suitable for almost all skin types.

To stay true to its slogan “Girly, Pop, and Shiny”, Canmake’s products and packaging exhibits fresh and vibrant colors. Another take on their packaging is that they are small and handy, making it easy to carry around and slip into pockets. With that, it’s easy to see the appeal for teenage girls but the high quality and pricing of the products also helps to extend the target to young professionals, trendy executives, or maybe even to women of all ages.


The Balm

The Balm was created to empower glamour—for every girl to feel their best and look incredible in just a matter of minutes. The Philosophy was “to create makeup that inspires you to do what you love and look good doing it”.  Their products have velvet textures, rich colors, triple-milled pigments, and anti-aging ingredients, for versatility and for picture perfect moments. But besides the quick fixes, The Balm is also known for its retro packaging which gives off that fine art sense of feeling to the brand, making it timeless.

Generally, if you’re looking for a brand that is multi-functional and fun, and something that you can apply in just 5 minutes, The Balm should be on your top list.


The Face Shop

We got to admit, Korea is one of the leading countries when it comes to everything beauty, and one brand that has stood out these past couple of years is The Face Shop. The Face Shop offers a wide variety of product lines like cosmetics, skincare products, body care products, fragrances, and even their own line for men. They are committed to bring the diversity and beauty of nature to make high quality products, with the use of traditional herbs and extracts from different cultures all over the world.

So if you’re into all-natural products or if you want to learn about ingredients that could be derived out of nature, try The Face Shop products for a change.



AllGreen now takes you to London, with products from Pixi by Petra! Like The Face Shop, Pixi has a wide range of offerings from cosmetics to skin care products, and also innovates formulations infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients. Their products are cruelty-free and vegetarian too. But what really is the fuss about the brand? Pixi has impressed loyal customers worldwide with their pure, skin-loving products that deliver a naturally radiant and refreshed look. Their products are created to be multi-use fit professional needs and a busy lifestyle. Basically, Pixi offers multitasking, flaw-fixing, youth-enhancing products for women on the go—to make you look the natural you, only better.  


So what are you waiting for? Spark your beauty and try out these beauty must-haves now! Visit us at any of the following branches:

  • Evia Lifestyle Center
  • Vista Mall Global South
  • Vista Mall Taguig





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